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Dura Seal has a complete line of quality hardwoods floor products such as Stains, Sealers, Polyurethane's, Environmentally Friendly Water Base Finishes, Wood filler, Wax and Floor Cleaners. http://www.duraseal.com/sections/products.htm
Finish/Stain color options: http://www.duraseal.com/pdf/duraseal_wood-floor-finishes_rev-14.pdf
BonaKemi also has quality hardwood floor products such as Stains, Sealers, Environmentally Friendly Waterborne Finishes and Cleaners. http://www.bona.com/en-US/United-States1/BonaSystem/Coatings/

Oshkosh Designs has decorative inlays which are masterfully created with multiple species of domestic and exotic hardwoods. http://www.oshkoshfloors.com/
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