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Floor and Stair Pricing


Average price

Prefinished hardwood (nail down)

$4.00 SF

Raw hardwood (nail down)

$3.00 SF

Prefinished hardwood (glue down)
Raw hardwood (glue down)

$5.00 SF
$4.00 SF

Floating floors (engineered or laminate)

$2.00 SF

Underlayment (repair or build-up)

$3.00 SF


New shoe molding or quarter round installed

$1.00 LF

Remove existing and install New base board

$2.50 LF

Remove and replace existing base or quarter round

$2.00 LF


Install boarders (1)

$3.00 LF

Flush Mount Vents with new floor
Flush Mount Vents into existing floor with refinish

Varies from pattern/size

$6.00 a vent
$60.00 a vent

Laminate plank style stairs

$75.00 per step

Prefinished hardwood plank style stairs

$100.00 per step

Stairs with solid treads and risers

$150.00 per step


Re-finish floor with polyurethane

$3.50 SF

Re-finish floor with waterbase finish

$3.75 SF

Re-finish floor with stain(2)

+$.25 SF

Screen and coat

$2.50 SF


Floor prep (leveler/grinding)

$75.00 per bag/hour

Nail down removal

$1.50 SF

Glue down removal

$3.00 SF

Floating floors engineered or laminate removal

$1.00 SF

Tile removal

$3.50 SF

Vinyl removal (5)

$2.00 SF

Carpet removal (includes tack strip and pad)

$  .75 SF

Appliances remove and replace(3)

$70.00 each



Toilet remove and replace (with new ring)


Labor costs are estimates only. They should be used to conceptualize the average cost of the job performed.



SF= square foot          LF= linear foot

(1)    Boarders-  solid strip plank per linear foot. Not including specialty designs.

(2)    Stain-   may vary in price according to color.

(3)    No sub zeros or water lines.

(4)    Furniture-  Upon inspection only.  It is always good to remove any and all pictures or                      

          trinkets from walls or shelves.  Customers’ responsibility to remove all electronics   

          including televisions from areas to be installed.  Absolutely no pianos. 
(5)    Will not remove asbestos tile (VCT & Vinyl), may require asbestos test




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